What we do

We provide efficient, phone-based consulting, coaching, and support to individuals in business, throughout the world.

Whether your issue is a strategic quandary, a specific decision you need to talk over, or you just want a safe, confidential chat with someone who has the experience to help but the humility to listen – we can help you.

Why we do it

We were founded as a result of our frustration with “Business Advisors” of a variety of kinds (“Non-Executives”, “Coaches” etc.). We’ve all heard the jokes about consultants, generally with the frame of the larger consultancies like Accenture, Gartner etc., who borrow your watch to tell you the time.

It appears that things are much, much, much worse at the smaller end of the market. Semi-retired middle managers from larger companies who feel that somehow their 30-year experience in a large company is somehow relevant to today’s environment – not only is their experience outdated, their methods cookie-cutter, but they fail to see the reality that the larger company laid them off because their style of work wasn’t sustainable in today’s modern economy.

Senior Management and company owners have a real need for up to date, practical advice. Now our company is mature and stable, we’re in a position where we can provide the service we really needed 15 years ago but couldn’t find.

Our approach

After years of providing informal advice to friends, associates, and ex-colleagues, the people behind Deviani intend to bring their approach to a wider audience.

All our advisors are established senior C-level executives in established, successful companies. Our day jobs are real, and productive. But we also find a few hours a week to help others.


Generally we work via phone or video conference; we find working remotely means we can conveniently engage with clients on a schedule that delivers maximum impact for the least disruption.

Depending on our “real job” travel schedule, we can work in-person in the following locations:

  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • London & South East region of the UK
  • Cambridge and Oxford, UK
  • Boston, MA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA